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Miami-Dade County Public Schools launches new webVR services for its students to meet remotely, discover new career paths and keep on learning all year around. 


What if high school students  could test-drive different career paths and explore the life-changing and debt-free opportunities that Miami-Dade County Public Schools offer? 

The Career Simulator allows students to step into the shoes of diverse avatars of real-world inspiring professionals and get a glimpse of what a day in the life of a professional looks like.



Social webVR, CGI,        360° Video

Release Date

Fall 2020


Equality Lab

accessible on

PC, tablet, VR headset

This 3D interactive experience is entirely based on real-world success stories from our « champions », graduates who have managed to turn their lives around thanks to the power of debt-free education. 

COVID-19 has put remote learning and connection at the forefront. That’s why we built a cloud-based 3D simulator so students can also potentially connect to it remotely via a simple URL. This 3D space we built for them is a place destined to inspire hope, confidence and clarity. We will not let any virus shut it down. 

simulator Features

At Miami-Dade County Public Schools, we are committed to taking the lead on awe-inspiring education technology and boldly going where few school boards have gone before. 

A Social Experience

Connect remotely to shared immersive spaces with your peers, instructors and friends.

Accessible on the Web

Open your browser, input the URL and there you are: you have connected to the simulator. 

Built to Inspire

The experience is designed to take you where you have never gone before: on a yacht, inside of a car engine, etc.

Based on Real-World Stories

We met real people who went through the program, got a career and changed their lives around. For real. 

To Teleport to Different Work Environments

We take you to computer-generated workspaces based on real-world professional environments.

And Embody a Successful Professional

You get to identify with 3D computer-generated avatars of real-world professionals in different career paths. 

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